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Whether milling, grinding, turning or other applications - when using a machine tool spindle like a HYFRA spindle chiller, its cooling is indispensable. The motor spindles of modern machine tools in particular often operate at high speeds. Since this leads to strong heating in the area of the bearings and on the motor, the spindles are cooled with liquids or air. In this way, their high performance can be maintained over longer periods without overheating.

Water has long proven its worth as a coolant for the spindle of a machine tool. It is usually fed into the housing of the spindle via a pipe system, where it absorbs the heat around the stator and in the area of the bearings. Sometimes the cooling water also reaches the shaft and the tools and workpieces via a rotary union at the transition between the stator and the rotor. In either case, a spindle cooling system must deliver coolant to the spindle reliably and uniformly over extended periods of time. Since machine tool spindles achieve their optimum performance only within a relatively narrow temperature range, their cooling also requires high temperature accuracy and temperature consistency.

For these requirements, the HYFRA range offers reliable cooling water recirculating chillers in different capacities, sizes and equipment. In the HYFRA Sigma series, the product range extends from units with a cooling capacity of 5 kW (1.5 tons) to particularly powerful chillers with 320 kW (90 tons) capacity. The compressors and plate heat exchangers of the chillers are characterized by high efficiency and the space required for installation remains manageable. Up to an output of 28 kW (7.5 tons), the units require only 0.5 m² of floor space, while higher outputs require 1 m² (up to 80 kW/22.5 tons), 2 m² (up to 160 kW/45 tons) or 4 m² (up to 320 kW/90 tons). The HYFRA Sigma c variant with reduced overall height is also available.The models of the HYFRA eChilly/eChilly+ series also provide reliable cooling of the spindle with outputs from 1 kW to 6 kW kW (3,500 Btu/hr to 20,500 Btu/hr). These particularly compact cooling water recirculating chillers require only 0.3 m² to 0.6 m² of floor space and have overall heights between 37 cm and 52 cm (15 inches to 21 inches). This means they fit into almost any machine layout. At the same time, the robust housing and integrated air filter protect the small chillers even in demanding environments.


Efficient cooling with individual tuning

Whether in spindle cooling or in other areas of application - HYFRA's innovative functions repeatedly ensure that customers benefit greatly from its chillers. For example, units with FleXX technology flexibly adapt the operation of components such as the fan, compressor and expansion valve to the requirements of the respective application. This form of cooling reduces energy costs by up to 30% and at the same time leads to significant savings in refrigerant. In addition, FleXX technology achieves particularly high temperature accuracies of up to 0.1 K. The state-of-the-art plate heat exchangers in the current HYFRA Sigma series of cooling water recirculating chillers also operate particularly efficiently. They are also lighter and take up less space than conventional heat exchangers.

When selecting the right cooler, HYFRA works closely with the experts on the customer side. This intensive exchange ensures that the cooling system is precisely matched to the customer's requirements. On request, for example in the case of special on-site conditions, HYFRA engineers can also develop and design a completely individual cooling solution. From planning to acceptance, the customer receives all services from a single source. This facilitates the smooth running of the project, so that the plant is ready for operation after a short time. If the operating conditions of a chiller change fundamentally at the customer's site, HYFRA also adapts the unit specifically to the new requirements with modification kits.

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Which machine tools use water cooling?

Water-based cooling is basically suitable for many different machine tools. It cools reliably over a wide speed range, including high speeds. Thus, water-cooled spindles are used for milling as well as for turning, grinding and many other operations. For various requirements, spindle manufacturers offer both modern motor spindles and spindles with belts in a water-cooled design.

How is the machine tool spindle supplied with cooling water?

Just like the required cooling capacity, the routing of the cooling water in the spindle also depends on the spindle model and the associated machine. As a rule, the coolant enters the spindle housing via a nozzle. Depending on the model, HYFRA chillers supply the coolant at a pressure of 2.2 bar to 4.0 bar (32 psi to 58 psi). For many applications, the water must be provided with additives such as corrosion protection agents.


We are happy to help you to find the right cooler for your requirements.

Our product range for machine tool spindle cooling.

Whether motor spindle or belt spindle - the cooling water chillers of the HYFRA Sigma and HYFRA eChilly/eChilly+ series supply a wide variety of spindles with cooling water reliably and precisely. Our experts will be happy to help you select the right cooler.

Simply ask us for cooling for your machine tool spindle with a spindle chiller!


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