E-mobility: Customized process cooling
for modern charging infrastructures

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In the course of climate protection, the topic of electromobility is becoming increasingly important - worldwide. Broad acceptance of eMobility requires many new approaches and innovative technologies in the automotive and power industries. This is one of the reasons why the German government and industry are aiming to establish Germany as a global lead market both for vehicles, drives and components and for integrating these vehicles into the power and transport networks.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are expected to dominate the automotive market in the foreseeable future. The Clean Vehicle Directive, which comes into force on August 2, 2021, and defines the targets for public procurement of low-emission and zero-emission vehicles, is also contributing to this change. In the infrastructure sector in particular, the switch to electric-powered passenger cars and public transport buses and trains is experiencing a rapid upswing.

In addition, onboard batteries are becoming increasingly powerful, especially in large vehicles and trains. As a result, they enable a greater range and require fewer charging stops.

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