Coolant chillers for oil,
emulsion and water cooling

The right coolant chillers for industrial applications

Coolant chillers temper oil, emulsion or water are used in a wide variety of industrial applications. The characteristics and design of HYFRA chillers are geared to the diverse requirements of cooling these media.

Chiller requirements for coolant

The areas of application for coolant chillers range from filtration during milling or drilling to cooling in plastics processing. The devices often cool various oils or emulsions used as cooling lubricants (KSS). Water is also frequently used as a coolant. In many machining processes, a high quality of the workpieces can only be achieved with a uniform cooling of these media in a narrow temperature range.

Since the available space in production is often limited, the chillers must provide their cooling performance efficiently on as small a footprint as possible. In addition, the usually harsh production environment requires a robust design of the devices. Because the coolant in many processes is still slightly contaminated even when filtered, an industrial cooler should also be easy to clean.


Chiller from HYFRA for coolant cooling

HYFRA Alpha series continuous flow chillers cool the liquid directly in the cooler. They are available with capacities from 5 kW to 80 kW (1.5 tons to 22.5 tons), which they provide on a small footprint of only 0.5 m² (up to 28 kW/7.5 tons) or 1 m² (up to 80 kW/22.5 tons). Thus, the robust units fit well into a wide variety of machine layouts, even at a generous distance from the application. Powerful pumps with flow monitoring deliver the coolant evenly and reliably to the respective machines.

Whether oil, emulsion or water - the models of the HYFRA Gamma series immerse directly into the medium during cooling. With small footprints starting at 0.5 m², they can also be easily integrated into various machine layouts. There they provide cooling capacities from 5 kW to 160 kW (1.5 tons to 45 tons). The powerful agitators of the units ensure uniform mixing and temperature control of the coolant in the tank. For regular cleaning, the chillers can be easily removed from the medium via their crane lift lugs.

Innovative and precise fit coolant chiller

HYFRA offers industrial customers innovative cooling technology that is precisely tailored to the requirements of the application thanks to close cooperation between customer and supplier.

Innovative functions for more efficiency

Various functions of HYFRA chillers ensure efficient and resource-saving operation. For example, units with microchannel evaporators require up to 70% less refrigerant due to their special type of heat transfer.

Chillers equipped with the innovative FleXX technology flexibly align the operation of individual components to the needs of the application. This not only saves up to 30% energy, but also reduces the use of refrigerants, wear and operating noise. At the same time, the temperature can be controlled with accuracies of up to 0.1 K thanks to the precise control of the FleXX models.


Targeted adaptation to customer requirements.

With their many options, HYFRA chillers can be precisely tailored to a wide variety of applications. HYFRA works closely with experts on the customer side. If the requirements for the chiller change fundamentally at a later date, modification kits ensure rapid adaptation to the new environment.

At the customer's request, HYFRA engineers can also develop a completely customized cooling system, for example for special operating conditions. In doing so, they provide all services from a single source, from design to commissioning. This means that customers benefit from low coordination costs and a manageable project duration.

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What coolants can the chillers handle?

The HYFRA Alpha series of continuous flow chillers and the HYFRA Gamma series of immersion chillers cool oils and emulsions of various compositions and viscosities. They also support cooling with water. When using oil, the continuous flow chillers produce a slightly higher nominal flow rate than when cooling emulsions. In turn, the immersion chillers can cope with a lower minimum level in the tank when tempering emulsions than with oil cooling.

What is the difference between chillers for oil and emulsion?

Although chillers for oil and emulsion temperature control are very similar in design, they differ in some respects. For example, continuous flow chillers for oil sometimes operate with a higher pump pressure for the same cooling capacity. Immersion chillers for oil cooling use slightly more refrigerant for the same cooling capacity than for emulsion cooling. In addition, immersion chillers for oil have a somewhat higher empty weight.

We are happy to help you to find the right cooler for your requirements.

Our product range for the temperature control of various coolants.

The HYFRA Alpha and HYFRA Gamma series chillers reliably and precisely cool oil, emulsion or water. With their small footprints, they ensure the right temperature in a wide range of industrial processes. Our experts will be happy to help you find the right cooler for your application.

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