Immersion chiller



Powerful, easily integrated immersion chiller

  • Power range: 5 - 160 kW
  • Application: Water, oil and emulsion
  • Compact:  5 -28 kW on 0.5 m²; up to 80 kW power in only 1 m²
  • Easily integrated: Fits in a wide ranges of machine layouts
  • Optimized: Optional equipping with FleXX technology ensures optimized operation and additional control options

The new Microchannel Evaporator

Microchannel evaporator: Decide in favor of greater efficiency and reliability

With our new innovative microchannel evaporator for cooling oil and emulsion your processes will get even more efficient:

  • Higher efficiency, lower operating costs
  • Simple maintenance and fast service
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Environmentally friendly

Thanks to a great number of small microchannels, its heat-exchanging surface is significantly larger than that of conventional evaporators. This leads to even more efficiency in cooling the oil and emulsion in your system. With our innovative microchannel evaporator, you will require significantly less refrigerant as well.

For our HYFRA Alpha and HYFRA Gamma product families, the microchannel evaporator is available in the 5-16 kW performance class with immediate effect.


For all HYFRA chillers, we offer you services that protect your system against breakdowns. Our service packages include not only recurring maintenance measures, but also the inspection of the system after a longer break.


If there is a malfunction in your cooling system, an experienced technician is always available at short notice. The HYFRA service ensures worldwide that your chiller is quickly ready for operation again.

Online Store

Spare parts for current chillers and older models can be ordered easily via the myHYFRA online platform. There you get access to products in OEM quality, which are available worldwide at short notice.


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