Immersion chiller



Powerful, easily integrated immersion chiller

  • Power range: 5 - 160 kW
  • Application: Water, oil and emulsion
  • Compact:  5 -28 kW on 0.5 m²; up to 80 kW power in only 1 m²
  • Easily integrated: Fits in a wide ranges of machine layouts
  • Optimized: Optional equipping with FleXX technology ensures optimized operation and additional control options

The models of the HYFRA Gamma series are designed as immersion chillers for cooling water, oil, and emulsion. The plug-and-play coolers can be installed and used on surfaces as small as 0.5 m². Therefore, they are very well suited for integration into different machine layouts. At the same time, they ensure a high degree of flexibility when planning the production area. In the compact models, the condenser is installed horizontally. This type of construction means that the chillers generate significantly less waste heat.

Our HYFRA Gamma models optionally have a robust agitator for mixing the medium. For cleaning, the chillers can be easily lifted out of the tank using the integrated crane lift eyes.

Powerful cooling directly in the application

How does an immersionchiller operate?

In immersion coolers, the evaporator of the chiller is immersed directly into the cooling medium. The liquid is located in a tank and is moved continuously and vigorously for efficient cooling. The process is supported by powerful agitators.

In which applications are immersion chillers suitable?

Immersion coolers are often used for temperature control of cooling lubricants in filtration and mechanical engineering. In metalworking, they are used to cool tools and workpieces. A classic application is milling and grinding with CNC machines or conventional tools.

Modern controls with extensive equipment

Depending on the cooling capacity, HYFRA Gamma models have a FreeSmart or FreeAdvanced control. The combination of the FreeAdvanced control and a touch panel provides a structured overview and makes it easier to read the relevant values. Both freely programmable controls are
equipped with several inputs and outputs of digital and analog type. The FreeAdvanced control also has a full text display and supports Modbus-TCP.

HYFRA Gamma models are also available with FleXX technology in six performance levels. In these models, a PLC control system detects the heat load at the point of cooling and aligns the components of the chilller to it. The fan, compressor, and expansion valve are operated exactly as required. The cooling capacity moves variably within a predefined range and achieves a temperature accuracy of +/- 0.1 Kelvin.

With these features, the HYFRA FleXX models always adapt to operating conditions and market requirements. The flexible cooling saves up to 30 percent of energy costs. At the same time, it reduces the need for refrigerants, wear and tear, noise levels, and the total life cycle costs of the cooler.

By using microchannel technology, HYFRA Gamma models save up to 70 percent refrigerant. The microchannel evaporators consist of many small channels through which the refrigerant flows. These microchannels massively increase the surface area for heat exchange, resulting in significantly more efficient cooling. This effect is further enhanced by the optimal arrangement of the channels to the flow direction of the cooling medium. In combination with the small channel diameter, the refrigerant requirement is considerably reduced. This reduces procurement costs and improves the ecological balance. The corrosion and chemical resistant coating of the micro channels also increases the service life of the system. To clean the evaporator, the chiller is simply removed from the tank with its crane lift eyes.

The models in the HYFRA Gamma series have numerous equipment options that allow the chillers to be adapted exactly to your specific requirements. However, for special conditions, our experts can also develop a completely new, customized system according to your wishes. In doing so, we take care of all steps from planning and installation to the acceptance of the system. We also take care of project management and material supply. With this approach, you always have a fixed contact person and within a short time the ready-to-operate plant is at your disposal. Should your requirements change, we will provide you with a modification kit to adapt the cooler to the new process.


For all HYFRA chillers, we offer you services that protect your system against breakdowns. Our service packages include not only recurring maintenance measures, but also the inspection of the system after a longer break.


If there is a malfunction in your cooling system, an experienced technician is always available at short notice. The HYFRA service ensures worldwide that your chiller is quickly ready for operation again.

Online Store

Spare parts for current chillers and older models can be ordered easily via the myHYFRA online platform. There you get access to products in OEM quality, which are available worldwide at short notice.


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