Individual and demand-oriented
cooling for recycling machines

Environmental protection and sustainability are becoming increasingly important.

Neither companies nor governments can afford to ignore this trend today. When possible, it would be preferred to not dispose of waste and obsolete items in an thoughtless manner, filling huge rubbish dumps, but instead to make as much material useful again.

In the EU, all plastic packaging should be reusable or recyclable by 2030. There is particular potential in the area of electronic scrap: in order to extract 300 grams of gold, around 900 tons of ore must be mined and processed using conventional methods.

This mining requires an enormous amount of resources and is therefore very costly. The same amount of gold can be produced much more easily and cheaply by recycling about 1 to 2 tons of discarded smartphones.
Recycling is therefore essential for environmental protection and long-term cost savings.

Find out how the recycling industry is dealing with future trends and developments and which requirements apply in particular with regard to optimum cooling for recycling machines.

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