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Experienced industrial chiller manufacturers

The reliable cooling of machines, lubricants and tools is crucial for high quality products in many industries. HYFRA provides you with exactly the right solution for your individual application.

The right industrial chiller system for every application

The HYFRA product range includes a wide selection of chillers for machines, lubricants, tools, lasers and a variety of other objects to be cooled. They are used in mechanical engineering, in the laser industry or in filtration. HYFRA industrial chillers are employed just as successfully in the aerospace industry, in automotive engineering and in metal and sheet metal processing as in the printing industry and many other industries.

The HYFRA product portfolio comprises four variants, which are used depending on the application: water, oil or emulsions as coolant.

While continuous flow chillers temper the liquid as it flows through, immersion coolers are integrated directly into the tank of the system. Recoolers are mainly used for recooling water. They are available as standard or compact versions.

All industrial cooling systems can be adapted to the requirements of your production process with many options. Even for extraordinary conditions, our chiller company will always find a solution together with you.

For more information about our products, please go to our overview of chilling units or visit our industrial cooling systems

Top chiller supplier: Innovative functions and reliable service

As a leading chiller supplier of industrial refrigeration technology, we are constantly working on innovations that further increase the benefits for our customers. One example is microchannel technology, which increases the surface area for heat exchange. This allows the liquid to cool down faster, resulting in significant savings in energy costs and refrigerants. Our FleXX technology achieves similar effects. This technology makes it possible to control individual components of the cooling system, such as the fan, depending on specific requirements. This not only reduces the consumption of resources, but also maintenance costs and noise levels.

In addition to energy efficiency, optimization of the production area is also becoming vitally important. With their compact dimensions, our industrial chillers also make a significant contribution in this respect. They can be used with floor areas as small as 0.5 m2. This gives each company more freedom in the design of their plant and the optimum use of production space.

Our company experts are always available to answer all your questions about HYFRA products. Whether planning, maintenance or modification of the system, whether staff training or helpdesk - we are always there for you. Should there be a malfunction, a service technician will be available for you worldwide in the shortest possible time or can be reached on site. We have combined our services in regards to the life cycle of the coolers into service and maintenance packages. In this way, you always receive the right support in every phase.

Experience, quality and customer proximity - worldwide

quality chillers to meet the individual requirements of the customers. This is still our claim today, even though HYFRA has since developed from a family business into an international industrial chiller manufacturer. Since 1997 HYFRA has been an independent brand within the US-American group Lennox International. Today, with more than 210 employees, we support customers in over 50 countries with high quality solutions for industrial refrigeration.

We supply numerous industries with the right cooling system - from compact units ready for connection to individual solutions. The basis for this is the diligence of our employees in production and the inventive talent of our engineers. This enables us to build systems that customers worldwide appreciate for their quality, durability and innovative functions. They are not only functional, but also help to solve current challenges.

We maintain a relationship with our customers based on partnership, characterized by transparency and uncomplicated communication. Together we always find an individually suitable cooling solution for every application. Because that is exactly what HYFRA stands for:

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