Recirculating chiller



Reliable, energy-saving circulating cooler

  • Power range: 5 - 80 kW
  • Application: Water, oil and emulsion
  • Compact:  5 - 28 kW on 0.5 m² base; up to 80 kW power in only 1 m²
  • Optimized: Optional equipping with HYFRA FleXX technology ensures optimized operation and additional control options

Our HYFRA Alpha is the right chiller for the temperature control of water, oil, and emulsion in continuous processes. The stand-alone solution has powerful pumps for moving the coolant with the ability to permanently monitor the flow. Depending on the capacity, the coolers are equipped with easy-to-clean plate heat exchangers or solid tube bundle evaporators.

HYFRA Alpha models are characterized by their small footprint. They can be used in areas as small as 0.5 m2. In this way they create space for other machines and increase productivity. In addition, the chillers can be placed at a generous distance from the cooling application. With these features, the systems can be easily integrated into different production environments.

Cooling for consistently precise temperatures

How does a recirculating chiller operate?

In continuous flow chillers, the medium flows continuously through the cooler. It is cooled down to the required process temperature. Pumps then transport the liquid at a constant temperature and in a constant quantity to the consumer. There the medium absorbs heat and flows back into the cooling circuit.

In which applications are recirculating chillers suitable?

Continuous flow chillers are mostly used when a process requires a constant temperature on a permanent basis. A widespread application is the temperature control of cooling lubricants in filtration processes in metalworking, for example during drilling, grinding, or milling. Continuous cooling can also be used in the machining of plastics.

Powerful controls with many connection options

The models of the HYFRA Alpha series have a FreeSmart or FreeAdvanced control system, depending on the cooling capacity. The combination of the FreeAdvanced control and a touch panel provides a structured overview and makes it easier to read the relevant values. Both can be connected via digital and analog inputs and outputs and can be freely programmed. The FreeAdvanced control is also Modbus-TCP capable and has a full text display.

HYFRA Alpha models can also be supplied as FleXX variants. The FleXX technology enables flexible adaptation of the chiller to different market and production conditions through the demand-based operation of individual components. It achieves savings of up to 30 percent in energy consumption. At the same time, the use of refrigerant, noise levels, wear and tear, and life cycle costs are significantly reduced.

The FleXX models are available in six performance levels, each of which regulates the cooling capacity within a defined range. For this purpose, a PLC controller continuously monitors the heat load of the application and aligns the compressor, fan, and expansion valve to it. In this way, the chiller operates with extreme precision and a temperature accuracy of 0.1 Kelvin.

With microchannel technology, the models of the HYFRA Alpha series require up to 70 percent less refrigerant. In microchannel evaporators, this refrigerant flows through numerous small channels that are optimally arranged in relation to the direction of flow of the cooling medium. This type of design significantly increases the surface area for heat exchange. The medium is thus cooled even more efficiently. Due to the small diameter of the micro-channels, the need for refrigerant is reduced considerably. This not only saves costs, but also protects the environment. The channels also have a special coating that protects them against corrosion and chemical influences. For regular cleaning, the evaporator can be removed simply by opening the pot.

With their many options, the models of the HYFRA Alpha series adapt to a wide variety of environments. On request, we can also develop a completely individual system for your application according to your requirements. In doing so, we take care of all services from the conception and material supply to installation and acceptance. This also includes project management. By bundling all activities in one hand, we ensure that you can use your individual cooling system quickly.

If your requirements change later, we will support you as well. In this case, we will use special modification kits to adapt your system specifically to the new operating conditions.

HYFRA Alpha c

Your introduction to efficient circulating chillers

  • Power range: 5 - 16 kW
  • Application: Water, oil and emulsion (clean)
  • Cost-optimized: Entry-level model; can be upgraded as required
  • Highly compact: Up to 40% lower height than the HYFRA Alpha series
  • Plug & play: Ready for immediate use


Our HYFRA Alpha c series for cooling water, oil and emulsions offers reliable cooling power of up to 16 kW in a compact design. They are up to 40 % lower than the standard models in the HYFRA Alpha series. As an entry-level model, it also uses our energy-efficient HYFRA microchannel technology, thanks to which the refrigerant used can be reduced by up to 70 %. The frame and plate heat exchangers are made of durable stainless steel. Otherwise, the HYFRA Alpha c series is equipped only with essential components, making it the cost-optimized alternative. The new, continuously variable pressure transducer keeps the system from freezing. HYFRA Alpha c devices can be modified with a FreeSmart controller. Further equipment options can be added to these recirculating water chillers and are available upon request.


Thorough maintenance ensures that your chiller remains operational. We offer you both regular maintenance as well as an extensive inspection after longer interruptions in operation. Both measures are integrated in our service packages.


If there is a malfunction on your chiller, an experienced technician is always quickly available for you. The HYFRA Service ensures reliable troubleshooting everywhere via a worldwide network.

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As a customer you can order spare parts for your chiller comfortably and worldwide via our myHYFRA online platform. Many components for current and older models are available there in OEM quality and with short delivery times. The search function via the machine number allows you to find


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