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The right cooling technology for injection molding

When using injection molding machines like a HYFRA injection molding chiller, optimal cooling of the mold is of great importance. The correct temperature influences not only the surface quality of the products, but also the cycle time and thus the production costs. In principle, the coolant in injection molding machines flows through the channels incorporated in the mold and cools the mold in this way. Water is frequently used in this process. To achieve high process and product quality, the provision of this coolant should follow some proven principles.

A clean plastic surface usually requires a uniform temperature throughout the mold. The pressure of the coolant should also be as constant as possible. At the same time, the cooling system must convey the water through the cooling channels at a minimum flow rate. This is the only way to create the turbulence necessary for an efficient cooling process. Different plastics also require different cooling temperatures and thus often also different cooling system capacities. Since mold corrosion also significantly influences product quality during injection molding, corrosion protection also plays a major role when cooling with water.

The cooling water recirculating chillers of the HYFRA Sigma series, with capacities ranging from 5 kW to 320 kW (1.5 tons to 90 tons), are prepared for a wide variety of cooling requirements in injection molding. Their state-of-the-art plate heat exchangers with compressors operating at optimum efficiency ensure high efficiency. A two-point pressure converter also ensures that the coolant is supplied at a constant pressure. With footprints of 0.5 m² (up to 28 kW/7.5 tons), 1 m² (up to 80 kW/22.5 tons), 2 m² (up to 160 kW/45 tons) and 4 m² (up to 320 kW/90 tons), the units simultaneously offer an attractive ratio of performance to space requirements. For larger cooling capacities, the Sigma series chillers can be linked together in a modular fashion.  With the HYFRA Sigma c, a variant with reduced overall height is also available.

The water-based chillers of the HYFRA eChilly/eChilly+ series are even more compact. They achieve outputs of 1 kW to 6 kW (3,500 Btu/hr to 20,500 Btu/hr) on footprints of 0.3 m² to 0.6 m². Their overall height is also particularly low at 37 cm to 52 cm (15 inches to 21 inches). The Minichillers therefore fit into almost any machine layout. With their robust housing and fail-safe design, the units can cope with the harsh conditions in production despite their compact dimensions.

Innovative features and customization

Refrigeration systems from HYFRA use innovative functions to ensure efficient and resource-saving temperature control for a wide range of industrial processes. For example, chillers with FleXX technology use components whose performance adapts to the cooling requirements of the application. This controlled operation of the fan, compressor and expansion valve reduces energy requirements by up to 30% and leads to significant savings in refrigerant. At the same time, the precise control of FleXX models enables temperature accuracies of up to 0.1 K. Microchannel technology also contributes to resource-saving operation of the chillers. In combination with the highly efficient plate heat exchangers of the HYFRA Sigma series, it reduces refrigerant requirements by up to 70 %.

With their cooling capacity and numerous configuration options, HYFRA's chilled water recirculating chillers adapt to a wide variety of requirements in manufacturing companies. HYFRA works closely with the customer's experts to match the chillers to the specific application. On request, HYFRA's engineers can also take on the development of a fully customized refrigeration solution. In this case, the customer receives all services from a single source - from the concept to the ready-to-operate solution. This approach ensures low coordination efforts and manageable project runtimes. Even if the requirements for the installed refrigeration system change fundamentally at a later date, HYFRA quickly adapts it to the new conditions with appropriate modification kits.

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In which injection molding machines are the chillers used?

HYFRA cooling water rechillers meet the requirements of a wide variety of injection molding machines. In doing so, they reliably supply different variants of coolant channels with the appropriately tempered water. In addition to molds with serial cooling and a single channel, the units also cool the different channels in parallel mold cooling. Simultaneous temperature control of several injection molds with one cooler is also possible in principle.

What is the pressure of the cooling water?

Depending on the model, the chillers of the HYFRA Sigma/Sigma c series provide the cooling water at a pressure of 2.5 bar to 4.0 bar (36 psi to 58 psi). The nominal flow rate is between 0.8 m³/h and 46 m³/h (3.5 gpm to 203 gpm), depending on the model. The minichillers of the HYFRA eChilly/eChilly+ series use a water pressure of 2.2 bar to 3.3 bar (32 psi to 48 psi). The nominal volume flow for these units is 0.14 m³/h to 0.77 m³/h (0.6 gpm to 3.4 gpm).

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Our product range for reliable cooling during injection molding

The various models of the HYFRA Sigma and HYFRA eChilly/eChilly+ series cool a wide variety of molds during injection molding. In doing so, they supply the application reliably and evenly with the appropriately tempered cooling water. Our experts will be happy to support you with their experience in selecting the right cooler.

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