HYFRA Control Units

The right controller for your requirements.

We equip our chillers with control units that meet our customers’ requirement profiles.

The HYFRA eChilly, Alpha c and Sigma c series come up with the robust ST 120 standard controller with two relays for temperature monitoring and compressor actuation.

The chillers in the HYFRA Sigma, Alpha and Gamma series are equipped with FreeSmart or FreeEvolution (from 210 kW power) control units. The two variants are freely programmable and have both analog and digital inputs and outputs, an external display (FreeEvolution) and an FDO interface for quickly reading out operating data. FDO stands for “fast digital output” and is used to switch modulating injection valves, for example. As standard, both controllers feature collective fault signal and external switch-on.

FreeSmart displays individual errors – for example, low/high pressure malfunctions – ads can be individually connected to a variety of applications via the control software. An analog signal can be used to automatically adjust the set value of integrated chillers via remote adjustment. 

The FreeEvolution control unit also has a full text display and can be connected to the control and process monitoring center via Modbus TCP and gateway. 

FreeEvolution is available in three design variants: basic, professional and expert. The “basic” variant features menu navigation in six languages, an alarm log book with time stamp, a runtime counter and a compressor activity display. In the “professional” variant, remote maintenance is integrated via Ethernet/UMTS. Additional sensors for preventive analysis are provided in the “expert” variant. They monitor compressor activity and the cycle, and even warn in time when the air filter is dirty. 

Of course we can flexibly integrate special customer requirements into each of the variants. 

HYFRA Control Units

ST 120:

Basic control unit in the HYFRA eChilly and HYFRA Sigma c series; with relays for temperature and compression  monitoring.


Freely programmable control unit with large display for the HYFRA Sigma, Alpha and Gamma series. Analog and digital inputs and outputs for evaluating various signals and connecting to control systems.


Control unit with wide range of functions for the HYFRA Sigma, Alpha and Gamma series. Equipped with a large full text display, freely programmable, with analog and digital inputs and outputs. Various software solutions in the basic, professional and expert variants expand your control and monitoring options – from menu navigation in six languages to remote monitoring via UMTS/Ethernet.


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