Industrial oil chiller–
reliable cooling on the run or in the tank.

Cooling of oil in industrial applications.

An oil chiller provides cooling of the oil-based lubricant in various industrial applications - especially in filtration. At HYFRA, customers can find the right continuous flow chillers and immersion (aka “drop-in”) chillers.

Applications require uniform cooling

In industrial machining processes, such as milling or drilling, oil is mainly used as a cooling lubricant (KSS). In this process, the oil not only lubricates the application and thus reduces friction, but it also dissipates heat from the process in question. Use of oil prevents heat-related quality losses on the workpiece or even damage to the tool and the machine.

To this end, a cooler must deliver the chilled oil evenly and at the appropriate temperature to the application. This requires reliable pumps that provide the oil at the right pressure and precise control of the cooling temperature. In addition, because oil often has residual contamination despite filtration, an oil cooler should be able to handle slightly contaminated cooling media and be easy to clean.

Two chiller types for oil cooling

HYFRA Alpha series continuous flow chillers cool oil as it flows through the cooler. With a small footprint, they operate with capacities from 5 kW to 80 kW (1.5 tons to 22.5 tons). Up to 28 kW (7.5 tons), the space requirement is only 0.5 m², and up to 80 kW (22.5 tons), 1 m². Thus, the units fit well into various machine layouts, where they can also be placed at a generous distance from the application. The powerful pumps of the continuous flow chillers transport the oil reliably and evenly while monitoring the flow rate.

The HYFRA Gamma series of immersion chillers are inserted directly into the oil tank for cooling. Their cooling capacity ranges from 5 kW to 160 kW (1.5 tons to 45 tons). The smaller units with cooling capacities up to 28 kW (7.5 tons) also manage with a footprint of only 0.5 m². The robust agitator of the “drop-in” chillers ensures a uniform temperature by mixing the oil in the tank. For cleaning, the units can be easily removed from the cooling medium by means of crane lift eyes.

Innovative industrial chillers with precise cutting to size

Whether continuous flow chillers or immersion chillers - at HYFRA, customers will find industrial chillers that impress with innovative functions and are precisely tailored to the respective application.

More efficiency through innovative functions

In addition to their reliability and compactness, HYFRA's oil chillers are also characterized by their efficient operation. For example, the microchannel evaporator with its special design results in improved heat exchange. Chillers with this evaporator therefore require up to 70% less refrigerant.

Units with FleXX technology control the operation of components such as the expansion valve or fan according to demand. This flexible form of cooling saves up to 30 % energy and also reduces refrigerant requirements. In addition, the FleXX models allow the temperature to be controlled particularly precisely with an accuracy of up to 0.1 K.

Close exchange between customer and supplier.

Chiller selection and set-up is based on an intensive exchange between the customer and HYFRA. In this way, the devices are precisely matched to the requirements of the customer's application. Should the requirements for a cooler change fundamentally at a later date, HYFRA quickly adapts the unit to the new conditions with modification kits.

On request, HYFRA can also develop a completely customized cooling solution that provides suitable cooling even under particularly challenging environmental conditions. For these individual projects, HYFRA provides all services from a single source - from the concept to the ready-to-operate cooling system. This reduces the coordination effort and at the same time accelerates the project process.

Our HYFRA liquid chillers or our HYFRA coolant chillers might be interesting for you as well.


How far do the immersion (drop-in) chillers immerse into the oil?

All immersion chillers from HYFRA consist of a hood section in the upper area and an immersion section in the lower half. Only the immersion part with the evaporator is inserted into the oil. Depending on the model, the oil chillers have an immersion depth of 50 cm to 66 cm (20 inches to 26 inches) for powers from 5 kW to 80 kW (1.5 tons to 22.5 tons). For proper cooling, the liquid must have a minimum level. The level depends on the size of the cooler.

With what parameters do the continuous chillers provide the oil?

The powerful pumps of the continuous flow chillers work with a pressure of 1 bar (14.5 psi) or 2 bar (29 psi), depending on the model. The smaller and medium-sized chillers provide the oil at a nominal flow rate of 5 m³/h (22 gpm) and 10 m³/h (44 gpm), respectively. The larger models, with a nominal flow rate of 15 m³/h (66 gpm) or 20 m³/h (88 gpm), also serve applications with higher oil requirements reliably and consistently.

We are happy to help you to find the right cooler for your requirements.

Our product range for cooling oil

The HYFRA Alpha series of continuous flow chillers and the HYFRA Gamma series of immersion chillers reliably cool oils for numerous industrial applications. With various capacities and equipment options, they adapt precisely to on-site requirements. Our experts will be happy to help you select the right cooler model.

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