More Output for Your Process Chillers

Our reliable industrial cooling systems have safeguarded and accelerated production processes in a wide range of sectors for 40 year. For laser technology, filtration and machine tool applications in particular, HYFRA process chiller systems are first choice when precise, reliable compliance with process temperatures is required. Thanks to their compact construction, HYFRA components can be flexibly integrated into any production layout. Innovative technologies such as the HYFRA microchannel reduce energy and refrigerant consumption make our cooling systems highly efficient. Multiple equipment options means our process chiller units can be customized to satisfy your needs.

Space-optimized cooling solutions for modern production environments

The optimization of space in production environments is particularly important in the industrial chilling sector. HYFRA therefore offers plant operators comprehensive advice on space-optimized cooling solutions. The specialist for industrial process chilling provides information on ways to integrate specific cooling concepts in different plant layouts. The Lennox subsidiary is thus responding to the trend for more flexible and efficient production environments and the associated planning challenges. The size and footprint of the chiller, for example, are also important. Thanks to their compact design and reduced footprint, HYFRA cooling systems can be used for a wide range of applications and offer excellent cooling capacity in the smallest of spaces. In addition, thanks to the smaller footprint, the operator can set up additional machines if required, which significantly increases plant output.

This is also reflected in HYFRA’s industry portfolio. The HYFRA Alpha circulating chiller is mainly used in filtration and offers a cooling capacity of up to 80 kW on a floor space of 1 m2 – the “Reduced Footprint” version is particularly space-saving, providing a cooling capacity of up to 16 kW over an area of just 0.5 m2. The HYFRA Sigma recirculating chiller is particularly suitable for cooling laser and machine tools, with a power range from 5 to 28 kW over 0.5 m2 up to 320 kW over just 4 m2. Both the HYFRA Alpha circulating chiller and the HYFRA Sigma recirculating chiller are also available as particularly space-saving compact versions with a height reduction of up to 40%.

“For many companies, the focus of planning is now no longer only on the intelligence of production systems, but also in part on reduced footprints. Thanks to their power density, our HYFRA Alpha and HYFRA Sigma chilling machines are future-proof and, with their reduced size, allow for more flexibility in system planning” says Berthold Adomat, Technical Manager at HYFRA.

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