At HYFRA, we want to offer our customers the best solutions for process cooling. With each consultation, with each movement, with each system we deliver and commission, and with our 24/7 service promise, we support our customers’ effort to be permanently successful.

This is why HYFRA has been successful for 40 years.

HYFRA customers appreciate the reliability of our products. They enjoy working with us because the interaction with our partners is direct and uncomplicated. Because we are dynamic and proactive. And because we are always ready to provide the perfect solution. The new HYFRA claim represents this reality:

Customized. Cooling. Solutions. 

These three words describe HYFRA’S claim to provide products and services that are perfectly tailored to each customers’ needs – from development to service. German quality is in demand around the world. This is why we decided to express our claim in a way that is internationally understandable.

The new brand claim is only one aspect of a completely new corporate identity for our company and the HYFRA brand. From website to letterhead, we have completely updated the HYFRA look. Our new identity is self-confident. It gives the HYFRA brand the strength and persuasiveness to acquire enthusiastic new customers for our products and develop new markets.

The new contemporary look rounds off HYFRA’s overall identity. We are positioning HYFRA as the technological and marketing sector leader and preparing ourselves for future challenges. Our everyday challenge is to make good on the promise of our new claim. Every individual’s work counts. Together, we will ensure that HYFRA experiences healthy, successful growth and a secure future. +49 (0) 2687 898-0 Contact