Less Refrigerant -
Higher Performance

Innovative and environmentally friendly for cooling oil and emulsion

The new Microchannel Evaporator

Microchannel evaporator: Decide in favor of greater efficiency and reliability

With our new innovative microchannel evaporator for cooling oil and emulsion your processes will get even more efficient:

  • Higher efficiency, lower operating costs
  • Simple maintenance and fast service
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Environmentally friendly

Thanks to a great number of small microchannels, its heat-exchanging surface is significantly larger than that of conventional evaporators. This leads to even more efficiency in cooling the oil and emulsion in your system. With our innovative microchannel evaporator, you will require significantly less refrigerant as well.

For our HYFRA Alpha and HYFRA Gamma product families, the microchannel evaporator is available in the 5-16 kW performance class with immediate effect.

  • An increase in the heat-exchanging surface creates more inflow surface. The medium’s direction of flow is used optimally.
  • In the evaporator, refrigerant consumption is reduced by up to 60%, which means savings in refrigerant procurement.
Maintenance & Service
  • Innovative cleaning concepts reduce the effort involved by up to 90%. Long chiller downtime is a thing of the past.
Trouble-free operation
  • Reduction in the risk of leakage thanks to the innovative design of the various evaporator solutions.
  • Corrosion-resistant coating.
Environmentally friendly
  • Reduced use of refrigerant helps to avoid greenhouse gas emissions and improves your ecological footprint.

HYFRA Alpha circulating chillers

  • Cooling capacity 5 to 16 kW
  • Maintenance and service by simply opening the pot-type evaporator
  • Even easier cleaning with a backwash function via the patented 4-way valve (optional) without disassembling the evaporator
  • Up to 95% reduction in negative sludge build-up in the evaporator

HYFRA Gamma immersion chillers

  • Cooling capacity 5 to 16 kW
  • Faster evaporator cleaning thanks to easy chiller removal from the tank
  • Reduction in the risk of leakage due to the elimination of over 85% of conventional solder points
  • Flexible use even with highly contaminated media thanks to the innovative fin design

The Microchannel Evaporator Principle

The large number of small μ channels (shown in blue) provides a significantly larger heat-exchanging surface than that of conventional evaporators. The sinus wave/fins (light gray area) which control the temperature of the emulsion or oil in the cycle, are cooled much more quickly. This makes the evaporation process more efficient. The small capillary diameter also requires significantly less refrigerant. From the very beginning, the 2-pass system of refrigerant distribution creates balanced refrigerant gas speed without negatively impacting gas pressure, which translates into even greater efficiency. The coating of the Microchannel also leads into higher resistance to chemical influences and prevents corrosion. 


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E-Mail: info@hyfra.com


Phone: 02687/898 0
E-Mail: info@hyfra.com


Phone: 02687/898 0
E-Mail: info@hyfra.com